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Termite treatment pest control

Termite treatment pest control

What is meant by termite treatment?


Termite treatment pest control means the application of pesticides, excluding fumigants, in or around different structures, or to the ground former to construction of a structure, for the control of termites and other invertebrate wood damaging insects. The plan of pre-construction termite manage treatment is to create an anti-termite barrier underneath the building structure to protect against destruction caused by subterranean termites.

       Pest Control Termite Treatment Cost (Approximately)

Treatment Type Price Range for
1 BHK (in Rs.)
Price Range for
2 BHK (in Rs.)
Price Range for
3 BHK (in Rs.)
Price Range for
4 BHK & 5 BHK (in Rs.)
Basic Treatment 700 – 800 950 – 1150 1200 – 1500 1200 – 1500
Cockroach 650 – 750 750 – 900 950 – 1000 1000 – 1200
Bedbug 1000 – 1100 1100 – 1300 1300 – 1400 1450 – 1650
Cockroach & Bedbug 1200 – 1400 1500 – 1800 1850 – 2000 2300 – 2500
Mosquito & Flies 550 – 650 650 – 800 950 – 1000 1000 – 1200
Rat & Rodent 400 – 600 600 – 800 800 – 950 1000 – 1200


How to get rid of Termites Permanently

While you cannot get free of termites permanently from the atmosphere, you can help to avoid them from taking root in your house and control any lively colonies nearby. Even though it may be attractive to try termite solutions by you, prevention and treatment is best left to the experts. As termites can be active in your house with little signs of an infestation – if any you will need the help of a skilled termite expert trained in termite identification, behavior, prevention and treatment to control the infestation. Termite treatments can be the most multifaceted treatments of any domestic pest management issue. Depends on the species of termite, the colony’s location and the extent of infestation, your expert may need to use more than one treatment method. These methods often need specialized tools and techniques. 

How to treat termites for Walls

General signs of termite damage to a wall include:

  • Small pin holes, where termites have eaten all the way through the paper coating on drywall and wallpaper. You may see dirt in a hole prepared by subterranean termites. 
  • Faint outline on drywall. 
  • A void sound when you tap on the wall.
  • Fizzy or peeling paint.
  • Baseboards that fall to pieces under minor pressure.
  • Blocked doors or windows.

If you see any of such signs you need to take care of termites for your walls a few of the best ways to get relieve from termites is to apply termite killing goods to your home’s exterior, apply direct chemicals on the inside of your house, set up termite baits, and spray boric acid in your floors and walls.

Termite Treatment Spray

    • Taurus SC
    • Bifen XTS
    • Spectracide Terminate
    • Termidor Foam
  • BioAdvanced Termite Killer
Termite Treatment at Home
  • Just blend up a half a cup of vinegar with the squash from two lemons, and you have got your termite destroyer. Deposit it in a spray bottle and spray the combination around the area where you believe the termites are. The acidic substance will kill the termites on getting in touch with. Make sure you spray frequently to catch any termites you did not get with the previous treatment.
  • Sodium borate sold usually as borax powder, can kill termites as well as wash your laundry. You can either dust the powder around the affected area, or you can mix it with water and spray it into an area that you believe to be infested. As with the vinegar, you will need to reapply the solution to make sure that you are reaching more of the colony.
  • Orange oil is prepared mostly of d-limonene, which is poisonous to termites. The oil is derived from orange peels, and you can purchase it from house improvement or garden stores, as well as online. Orange oil causes the exoskeletons of termites to dissolve, which causes them to lose humidity and proteins and then to die. Spray the oil directly onto termites or on areas where you believe termites to be. You can also spray the oil to prevent termites from coming into the area. Hence, spraying it regularly is a good way to keep your home free of termites, whether you at present have any or not.
Best Termite Treatment do it yourself
  1. Set up a cardboard entrap. Take a pair flat strips of cardboard, wet them, and heap them on one another in an area where termites are likely to be. Since termites feed on cellulose, this makes for an outstanding spot trap. When the cardboard is infested with termites, take it out in a safe area and destroy it by fire. Repeat several times, if necessary.
  2. Expose your wood to daylight. If the termite infested thing is not your residence but rather a piece of furniture or an item that can be separated from your house, expose it to daylight. Termites flourish in darkness, and the heat and light from the sun will kill them. On a sunny day, place your furniture outside for as long as possible for 3-4 days.


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