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Termite pest control tumbnail

Termite pest control | All you need to know

Do termites cause you any damage? Are you searching for different ways to get rid of termites? All such multiple questions will be answered through this blog.

Termite pest control

Termites cause structural damage due to which owners are forced to spend more on termite treatment. No one wants to deal with the pest epidemic in their homes. Pests like cockroaches and rodents can spread the disease. Also, they spread to the food supply. Pests such as bed bugs and fleas can scare with itchy bites. “Termite pest control” The most annoying of all pests may be a controversial topic. But there is one pest that is clearly the winner. They are termites when it comes to causing property damage. Termites belong to a family of social insects associated with property damage. Termites are commonly known as “silent destroyers” because they secretly invade homes and damage people’s belongings. Termite control and termite treatment are two different things, so let’s go through detail about termite pest control.

Termite pest control

Before heading towards the termite treatment techniques and termite pest control options. It can become easier to pick treatment type. If the termite type is known to us.  Here are three types of Termites.




Dry wood termites 

Dry wood termites belong to the Kalotermitid family. They mainly inhabit deadwood, timber, or hardwood floors. The size of dry wood termites is relatively smaller than the size of underground termites. Dry wood termites are also divided into many sections. They are Western Dry wood, Southern Dry wood, Desert Dry wood, and so on. One of the interesting facts about dry wood termites is that they damage the product more slowly than other termites.

Underground termites 

Underground termites are found primarily on the ground. They belong to the Rhinotermitid family. This type of termite is further subdivided into dryland subterranean, desert subterranean, and eastern subterranean termites.

Damp wood termites 

This type of termite is rarely tracked at home. It belongs to the Kalotermitid family and is classified into few sections such as wet trees in the desert. They live in a moist environment.

Termite pest control | All you need to know



Termites not only to the structure of the interior but also harm the humans and the financial resources too.

Physical Damage 

Termites at home can cause extensive structural damage. Pests feed on internal structures such as beams, stanchions, and studs. In severe cases, termites are not detected for long duration. That causes insects to create dangerous and uninhabitable homes. The more humid areas of  home attract termites. This is why most homeowners notice the most physical damage to their bathrooms. Termites cause loose tiles, sagging ceilings, and holes in drywall.

Property damage 

Homeowners face two costs when dealing with termites. One is for Termite pest control that uses specialized techniques to eliminate intruders. The second cost is to repair the physical structure damaged by them. Structural repairs include repairing wall studs, replacing floors, repairing water damage to walls, and repainting. Repairing damage to the foundation is the most expensive repair.

Affects Health

Termites are not a direct threat to humans but having termites at home can have a negative impact on health. Be careful if you come across a termite colony. Some may bite or even sting. Pain caused cannot be toxic but it may be painful. Termites can also cause allergic reactions to humans. These allergies can be destruction to few of them.



Make the structure unattractive to termites 

Use concrete foundations during construction. This leaves ventilation space between the soil and the wood. Cover the exposed wood surface with a sealant or metal barrier.

Maintaining termite prevention 

  • After construction, use proper leveling and drainage (including gutter and gutter maintenance) to keep the soil dry.
  • Fix the leak immediately.
  • Keep vents free of obstacles including plants. Do not allow trees or shrubs to be planted too close to the structure or to grow on exposed tree surfaces.
  • Do not stack or store firewood or wood chips near your house.



Non-chemical treatment 

Some ways to keep termites away do not involve the use of pesticides. Example: One such method is a physical barrier that is usually incorporated during construction. Steel mesh and sand of certain sizes has proved to effectively act as physical barriers.

Chemical treatment 

The pesticides used to prevent and treat the termite epidemic are called termite control agents. They demonstrate their ability to provide structural protection prior to registration. Below are chemical termite treatment methods

  • Wood Treatment:

Pest control specialists can use a variety of wood treatments to kill existing termite colonies. Also considering to prevent future termite germination. Wood treatment includes surface coating during the construction phase of home. It also includes  wood injection and foaming after home construction. Wood treatments include surface sprays, infusion sprays, foams, and borate-treated wood. Pest control specialists use borate wood treatment to prevent termite epidemics. It also helps to eliminate existing termites in the home.

  • Soil Treatment:

Termite treatment is used to act as a treatment barrier in the surrounding soil for underground termites. This type of treatment helps in preventing future termite outbreaks. And it kills termites in the house when they return to the ground to build their nests.

  • Bait System:

The bait termite treatment system is an effective way to destroy termite colonies. This termite infestation effectively eliminates termites.

Just Call Facility is one of the pest control services providers. They take up all types of termite pest control, rodent, cockroach, spider pest control, etc. With an experienced team of staff and upgraded technology, Just Call Facility helps in all types of termite treatment.


The process of Termite control involves:

  • Drilling
  • Filling termite treatment
  • Home sealing treatment
    There are also some natural ways by which one can control the termite. It can be done with Boric acid, Rock salt, Cardboard traps, etc.  But sometimes the spread of termites is not controllable by natural methods and thus it needs assistance from a service provider. Just Call Facility being a certified pest control service provider offers all types of treatment. By using high-quality chemicals and professional equipment that are used with safety measures.  So, book an appointment and get the best services all over India.

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