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Pest control in Delhi Find out best service provider according to your need

Do you suffer from rodents or cockroaches? Does your home still attract pests? Knowing the different types of pest control methods is crucial in bringing health to your home. What methods are effective and how to avail them? “Pest control in Delhi Find out best service provider according to your need” Whether human, plant or animal, pests pose a serious threat to all living things. Many types of pests, including mosquitoes, termites, flies, and fungi, are harmful to us, our food supply, and the environment. Before developing pest control strategies, you must first determine the type of pest you are dealing with and how they live. Also know whether you need cockroaches, termites, or rodent pest control in Delhi . This will allow you to use the right method and get rid of it easily. If in doubt, it’s best to consult a pest control company. There are many companies of pest control services in Delhi and across the country.

Pest control in Delhi Find out best service provider according to your need

There are many pest control and sometimes it becomes difficult to choose from them. But no worries, through this blog, all the queries about pest control will be resolved.



Pest control in Delhi Find out best service provider according to your need

Pest in general terms, are the insects or animals that affect you and your home too. Some pests can be controlled with one application or treatment but pests like cockroaches or termites are not easy to be controlled. They need regular treatment so that they don’t enter your premises again and again.

Types of pests are:

  • Ant
  • Termite
  • Rodents
  • Mosquito
  • Bed bug
  • Cockroaches

They all are addicted to the dirty environment and when the house or any premises seems to be a bit spoiled, they enter. It is, therefore, to be cautious and take up cleaning the premises at regular intervals. And when you find that the pest is taking place, then just know that it is time to treat them with some techniques such as organic home remedies. But when the pests are entering in excess then it would be the right decision to take help from the pest control Service team.

Pest control in Delhi Find out best service provider according to your need

When talking about pest control, Just Call Facility is one of the service providers of pest control in Delhi. We take pest controlling of all types of pests with proven chemicals that will not affect your health.


If you are not sure which pest control to take and how to proceed, here are some TYPES OF PEST CONTROL METHODS. They might help in determining the right one as per the seriousness of the pest.

types of pest control


  • Organic pest control 

Organic or natural methods are often preferred by those who want to limit damage from small animals and insects as well as ensure the safety of their children, pets, and plants. In this case, you can use bait, trap, or spray poison. Poisson can be added to bait; otherwise, insecticidal soaps, oils, sprays, etc.


  • Biological pest control 

Biology is the use of living organisms for the sole purpose of controlling insect populations. What makes it so popular is the fact that biological pest control is chemical-free and extremely beneficial. It can control insect populations, ticks, etc.


  • Chemical pest control 

Some biological treatments in the form of solid, liquid, or aerosol do not produce effective results. The reason to neglect this method is its ineffectiveness and so some opt for chemical pest control. You can find thousands of chemicals available for use in residential and commercial settings.


  • Hygiene control  

If the surrounding is clean and tidy, it does not attract pests. If the place is left with some leftovers or food, there are chances of pests to get an entry. So always practice good hygiene on the premises where you stay. After meals try to clean up the spaces and put residue and leftovers in safe trash. Also, make sure to wash dishes, and keep all spaces and items at home in clean and hygiene condition.


  • Electronic pest control 

Due to improvements in technology, it is possible to pick up household pests and get rid of them forever. Electronic pest control methods include electromagnetic and ultrasonic.


  1. Electromagnetism – This system affects the nervous system of various pests such as rats. However, it only repels insects and rodents.
  2. Ultrasound – It works by generating short-length, high-frequency sound waves. And gradually making the surroundings pest-free.



Just Call Facility is certified and also has expertise in pest control services. You name nay, and they will give those services to make your space free from termites, rats, or cockroaches. Even house cleaning, vacuuming, or sofa cleaning is also taken up by them. It provides a wide range of services in pest control in Delhi.

Here are some of the pest control services:



  • Termite Control: Termites can be controlled by anti-treatment sprays but they seem to be less effective when the termites are increasing. So, tubing and piping methods are evolved that can help in controlling the termites. Termites are not dangerous but they affect your place of yours. An advanced range of termite control chemicals is also used that gives efficient results.
  • Cockroach Control: Cockroaches are the pests that can spread infections that give rise to disease. Whether it is the kitchen sink or bedroom table, cockroaches find their way to enter by dirt. Therefore, cockroaches can be controlled by taking services by pest controllers so the widespread stops.
  • Spider Control: Various species of spiders can be observed among them are household spiders the ones that feed on insects. By making their webs, they reside on the premises, and somewhere it gives rise to more insects. Therefore, it is vital to take spider control service from the best service provider of pest control service in Delhi and across India.


  • Kitchen Cleaning: When we try new food recipes and enjoy that food, we don’t realize that the leftover or the groceries used also creates pests. Kitchen cleaning is therefore essential, at a basic level you can clean but when there is the rise of pests, they can be harmful.


There are multiple services that Just Call Facility provides and gives the best assistance. Rodent, the Bed bug, Mole, and Insect controls are also taken up together with Sofa Vacuum Cleaning, Carpet cleaning, Home deep cleaning, etc. So, opt for the best pest control service provider to get your space free from pests.


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